We are a division 4 (recreational) soccer club that encompasses the greater Auburn, California area.

We field teams from
U-6 (4&5 year olds)
U-14 (12&13 year olds)

We play and practice on the same fields that our kids use during the school day thanks to an agreement with Auburn Unified Elementary School District, St. Joseph's Catholic School, and Bowman Charter School.


Auburn Youth Soccer Club's Annual General Meeting will be held on Thursday 1/11/18, 6pm at the AYSC office located at 457 Grass Valley Hwy, Suite 12 (between Red Cross and H&R Block).
This is a great opportunity to get involved with youth sports in our area and make a difference in the lives of the children who play soccer in our community. 
Think you can contribute?  Our board is comprised of the following:
President (Supervises, directs, and controls the club’s activities, affairs, and officers. Presides at all meetings.)
Vice President (Assists in the Presidents absence, may hold other positions on the board as well.)
Treasurer (Supervises the financial operation of the club and presents regular financial statements to the Board. Prior to the beginning of each playing season the Treasurer is responsible for the preparation of a budget to be approved by the Board.)
Secretary (Documents Meeting Minutes and emails agenda to board... Instrumental in keeping club bylaws up to date.)
Coach Coordinator (Recruits coaches for the club, registers them as such, makes sure they have appropriate licensing, as well as risk management completed.  Assists with mentoring coaches and coordinates/offers training.)
Registrar (Coordinates online registration of 700+ players onto 50+ teams. This is a paid position... requires strong customer service skills and can be very time consuming from April - September.)
Scholarship Coordinator (Offers and reviews scholarship applications for those in need of assistance, works closely with the Registrar.) 
Uniform Coordinator (Coordinates uniform ordering and distribution, as well as placement of sponsorship on team jerseys, works closely with Sponsorship Coordinator.)
Sponsorship Coordinator (Coordinates the recruitment of sponsors for the club, works closely with the Uniform Coordinator in assigning sponsors to teams.)
Referee Coordinator(s) (Recruits and assigns referees to games.  Provides and coordinates referee training.)
Field/Equipment Coordinator (Equips fields for play. Orders and distributes supplies to coaches.  Coordinates with schools to make sure fields are in good condition for play.)
Communications Coordinator (Keeps our website updated. Is first responder to general questions.)
Event Coordinator (Works closely with other board members to coordinate events for coaches and our main community event, Soccerfest.)
Picture Day Coordinator (Coordinates picture day(s) for teams and works closely with photography company.)
Member-at- large (Someone who doesn't have a committed role, but is willing to help other board members as needed.)
If you are interested in being a part of a great board and making sure kids play and enjoy soccer, please come on Thursday (1/11) to our Annual General Meeting.
Any questions, please let us know!

PO BOX 593
AUBURN  CA  95604